IQOS Lil Solid


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IQOS Lil Solid

  • The power supply for charging the device from the network
  • USB cable type B. Suitable for charging the device from the mains, computer, or external battery. a Lil SOLID cleaning
  • The device that will help keep your Lil SOLID clean to maintain a consistent taste and feel.
  • cleaning Sticks (10 pieces)

IQOS Lil Solid

The IQOS Lil Solid device, developed by South Korean company KT&G, is presented by Philip Morris. It is a compact and lightweight device, and the all-in-one design and simple display and vibration system make it very convenient to use.

DUAL HEAT tobacco heating technology gently warms tobacco from the inside up to 350C, revealing its taste and aroma without smoke and without ash IQOS Heets UAE. A full charge of the battery is designed for 20 sessions, which means that it will last for the whole day. You can use 4 sessions in a row, and 4 more will be available in just 3.5 minutes*. The display will tell You when your IQOS Lil SOLID is ready to work again.

In addition, the device can be personalized with additional accessories such as interchangeable side panels and holder caps. Several times a year, the brand presents limited collections of devices in bright and memorable colors.

In lil SOLID, the charger and holder are combined into a single unit with one button and LED indicator. lil SOLID is available in three colors: white with a matte finish and black and blue with a soft-touch finish. Due to its low weight – only 84 grams – lil SOLID can be easily carried with you.

The device is intended for use with Fiit tobacco sticks.

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